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In a crisis situation like an automobile accident, a person may not always think logically. Often panic takes over and a driver may give in to his or her instinct to flee the scene. Unfortunately, this choice can lead to severe consequences if that driver is later caught and criminally charged, especially if alcohol consumption is alleged to have been involved.

If you or someone you love has been charged with a hit and run DUI, it is essential to contact a Marietta criminal defense lawyer right away. With nearly 30 years combined experience, the legal team at Henrickson & Sereebutra will aggressively pursue a positive outcome in your case.

The Potential Consequences of a DUI Hit & Run Charge

In the state of Georgia, a person who causes a car accident resulting in property damage must stay at the scene and exchange contact information and insurance details with the others involved. If significant damage or injury occurred, the police and emergency services must be notified.

Failure to do so is a "hit and run" that carries significant penalties if the accused driver is convicted. If that driver was also found to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, the penalties could be doubled. These include community service, alcohol risk reduction education, fines, probation, license suspension, prison time, or a combination of these penalties.

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Even after a person has served their sentence, he or she will be dealing with increased insurance rates, difficulty finding a job as a convicted felon, and many other challenges. If there is a chance your hit and run DUI charge could be minimized or even successfully fought in court, it is worth talking to a qualified DUI defense attorney to find out more.

Our Marietta DUI lawyer will look beyond the basics of the police reports and bring in their own experts to investigate your case if needed. They will also carefully examine the details of the incident to determine whether or not it truly qualifies as a hit and run DUI offense.

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