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Marietta Drug Crime Lawyer Defending Against Drug Charges

Georgia law allows for harsh penalties to be imposed for any marijuana related crime. Representation by a proven Marietta criminal defense lawyer gives you the best chance possible to avoid conviction or reduce the penalties that could be imposed. The criminal defense attorneys at Henrickson & Sereebutra have more than 40 years of combined criminal defense experience.

They have worked on thousands of cases and countless jury trials. The firm focuses on criminal defense so that you can have skilled representation when you need it most; after an arrest for a drug crime. The firm's attorneys possess a unique and important kind of experience not found in many other firms. They are former prosecutors who know the criminal justice system inside and out.

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Why Our Former Prosecutors Can Help You

Having served for years as prosecutors, and trying an extensive range of misdemeanor and felony cases has given the defense team a great deal of insight into the system and how to craft and present a professional defense case in court.

They know, first hand, how a prosecutor puts together cases and all matters involving evidence and witnesses. They look for the weak points in your case as well as any errors that could have taken place at any point in the process, from the investigation, through to the arrest and detention. The firm's experience can make a vast difference in the final outcome of your case.

Building Your Marijuana Crime Defense

There are ways to successfully defend against marijuana charges, but this will require a very knowledgeable drug crimes lawyer getting involved early. An attorney from the Marietta firm will be with you from the first hearing in your case through to its conclusion. The firm's first goal is to bring about a dismissal of charges, whenever possible.

When there is no legal option available to accomplish this, actions could be taken to try to reduce the level of the charges against you. A lawyer from the firm will take your case to trial and seek an acquittal when this is the most effective option – and it often is. The firm is not hesitant to press the matter in court when this could produce a favorable outcome.

What Are The Potential Penalties Involved?

Marijuana is the most accessible illegal drug in our state. Law enforcement is highly active in seeing that those accused of possession, cultivation or sales are brought to justice. You will be charged depending on the type and amount of drugs involved plus the specific circumstances of your case. You can be prosecuted for simple possession up to trafficking.

Your case can be tried at the federal level if the amount of marijuana involved is large. An individual convicted of a marijuana crime faces steep fines, a criminal record, and incarceration.

You can be charged with a misdemeanor, fined $1,000 and be sent to county jail for up to 1 year if you are arrested for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Greater quantities can result in felony charges and be penalized by up to a decade in state prison. You can be punished by a fine of $100,000 and up to 30 years in prison if you are convicted of possession with the intent to distribute.

Challenging Evidence of Marijuana Drug Crimes

The firm's attorneys investigate to see if the evidence against you was gathered in an illegal manner. They question whether the police had probable cause to conduct their search, if a proper warrant was served, and did law enforcement stay within the scope of the warrant. When a lawyer from the firm exposes the fact that the evidence was illegally obtained, that evidence will not be admissible in court.

Without evidence, there can be no case. The firm works hard to firmly place the burden of proof on the prosecution. The prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you knew the drugs were there and that they were actually yours.

The firm's attorneys urge you to not give up hope solely because you have been arrested. Call an attorney from the firm as soon as you can. The firm offers a free case evaluation to help you understand how your rights can be safeguarded and your case defended.

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