Methamphetamine Criminal Offenses

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The penalties for a first time methamphetamine possession conviction in Georgia can be life changing. You must act quickly if you hope to avoid heavy punishments. The first and most vital action you can take is to retain a lawyer who has the experience and proven skills to defend you. The attorneys at Henrickson & Sereebutra have a distinct advantage in drug crime cases that many lawyers don't have. Handcuffed person

The firm's attorneys are former prosecutors who worked for years trying a large variety of misdemeanor and felony cases. They now work to use their in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system to benefit those accused of a methamphetamine crime. When you retain our accomplished criminal defense lawyer in Marietta, you give yourself a chance to avoid conviction or to reduce the penalties that could be imposed upon you by the court.

The firm's lawyers share more than 40 years of combined experience. They have assisted clients in thousands of cases and through numerous jury trials. As ex-prosecutors, they understand the methods employed by law enforcement in obtaining evidence and building a case against you. The firm's attorneys know the strategies and tactics employed by prosecutors to seek and obtain convictions on drug charges. Most importantly they research, investigate and analyze the errors or weak points in the prosecution's case against you. Once found, they work to exploit the mistakes or flaws to produce the best result possible against your charges.

Dedicated Criminal Defense for Narcotics Offenses

The firm's lawyers are not involved in any legal practice area other than criminal defense. Their focus is on criminal defense and in fighting for justice for the criminally accused. You have the right to an attorney – make sure you get a good one that has experience, knowledge and a record of success at criminal trials. They offer a free case evaluation so that you can understand your charges and what defense options could be employed in your case. Where feasible, their initial action is to get the charges dismissed.

If this is not legally possible, the next action could be to negotiate with the prosecution to reduce your charges against you. Based on their time as prosecutors, they know how to negotiate a favorable deal with the District Attorney. An experienced attorney from the firm will fight for every possible advantage, from the first step through to the final resolution. In many cases, fighting at trial for a full acquittal is the best option, particularly when the case has errors and flaws, whether in the collection of evidence, police procedure, or other part of the case against you. The legal team is made up of experienced trial lawyer who are extremely skilled in crafting a compelling defense case for all types of amphetamine offenses.

Methamphetamine Convictions and Penalties

If you are found guilty of a first possession methamphetamine charge, the penalties include a prison sentence of 2 to 15 years and the added problem of expensive fines. For a second or subsequent offense the prison term escalates to between 5 to 30 years. Both convictions are felonies which become part of your permanent criminal record. You can be sentenced even more heavily if your charges are related to sales, manufacturing, possession with intent to distribute or trafficking.

There are multiple methods employed by the legal team to successfully defend methamphetamine cases. The U.S. Constitution protects you against unreasonable search and seizure by law enforcement. The police must have probable cause or a legal warrant to search your person, home and other property. When an attorney from the firm demonstrates that your rights have been violated, it can lead to a full dismissal of the charges against you.

The burden of proof lies squarely with the prosecutor in a criminal case. He or she must show, beyond reasonable doubt, that you are guilty of a crime. Effective questioning and cross examination by a criminal lawyer from the firm can raise serious questions as to whether the drugs were actually yours or that you even knew of their existence.

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