Possession with Intent to Distribute

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Drug possession in any quantity is illegal in Marietta, but when the police believe that you did not have the drugs merely for your own use but were intending to engage in sales or trafficking, the penalties you face if convicted will be significantly increased. The charge of possession with intent to distribute is typically filed in cases where the suspect was found with unusually large quantities, amounts which are greater than could be expected to be used for one person alone. Other factors will tend to confirm this suspicion, such as the presence of scales or baggies for use in measuring out and selling smaller quantities to customers.

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Penalties for Possession with Intent to Distribute in Marietta

The difference between simple possession and possession with intent to distribute can be significant when the time comes to deliver a sentence in the case. For example, in possession cases involving a Schedule I or II controlled substance such as cocaine, heroin or crystal meth, the quantity of the drug is a factor in determining the penalty, which ranges from a maximum of three years in prison for amounts less than one gram, and up to fifteen years for more than four grams. If the charge is increased to PWID, the penalty is a minimum of five years and a maximum of thirty years in prison, regardless of the amount. For this reason, the objective in many serious drug crime cases is to have the charge reduced to possession.

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