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The Marietta criminal defense attorneys at Henrickson & Sereebutra are well aware of the harsh penalties awaiting those convicted of drug crimes, and this makes their determination even greater that no one should be the victim of an unjust conviction. With more than 40 years of combined experience, including knowledge gained by serving as prosecuting attorneys, the team is more than adequately equipped to handle your drug case, no matter how serious the case may appear initially.

Why State Lawmakers Crack Down on Drug Transportation

As with many of its neighbors in the Southern US, our state has the unfortunate reputation for being a hub for international as well as interstate drug trafficking. This means that state lawmakers are eager to impose incredibly harsh penalties for transporting controlled substances, in an effort to change the current situation.

Unfortunately, this eager-to-prosecute attitude can end up doing significant harm when people are unfairly caught up in the criminal justice system face steep fines and long imprisonment. Mandatory minimum sentences even prevent judges from exercising rational and situational judgment, forcing them to instead prescribe punishments that may or may not fit the crime.

Secure Your Strong Defense Against the Drug Crime

No two cases involving drug crimes are exactly the same, and only a competent and intelligent drug crime lawyer familiar with the specifics of your case will be truly able to assess all your options in an effort to determine the best defense strategy for you. Don't risk putting your case into the hands of anyone who takes a "cookie-cutter" approach to criminal defense, treating every case as the same. The team here recognizes the importance of each individual case they take on and are sincerely dedicated to exploring all options that could be of benefit their clients.

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