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One of the most damaging effects of a criminal conviction is the mark on your criminal record. This can haunt you for your entire life and make it difficult for you to secure credit, find suitable housing, and obtain the jobs you need to boost your career and earn a living. However, under Georgia Code §35‐3‐37(d) (2012), individuals may request an expungement to clear eligible marks on their record and get a fresh start in life.

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Have Your Case Reviewed Before Making the Request

Not all charges can be expunged from a criminal record. Arrests are generally able to be hidden on a record. Because the eligibility for expungement depends on the individual circumstances of a case, it is important to review the information with a skilled legal professional. With the help of an expungement attorney in Marietta, you can determine whether a case is eligible for expungement and prepare for the all steps of the legal procedure.

Common records eligible for expungement include the following:

  • Arrests followed by the individual being releases without additional legal action
  • Charges dismissed by a prosecutor at the beginning of a trial case

The Record Expungement Process

First, you will have to fill out a Georgia Request for Record Expungement. Along with your own information, this form requires information filled out by the arresting agency. At this point, the request is sent to the prosecutor who handled your case. If approved, you must deliver the request to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC).

You may be able to expunge all kinds of charges, including:

If your request is denied, you may have the opportunity to appeal the decision in a court of law. There are several fees and expenses throughout the expungement procedure, and having your request or appeal denied does not refund these costs. Consult a Marietta expungement lawyer to ensure that your request is done right the first time.

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There are many benefits to expunging your criminal record, including:

  • Allowing you to seek gainful employment and advance your career
  • Eliminating potential social stigma
  • Obtaining adequate housing and desirable living arrangements
  • Opening the possibility to secure and build stronger credit

When you work with the dedicated Marietta expungement attorney at Henrickson & Sereebutra, you gain access to a legal team that is dedicated to the success of every client. They help individuals understand their options with expungement and pursue an effective course of legal action to keep their criminal record clean at minimal expense.

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