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The criminal justice system in our area is tough on all forms of juvenile crime, and if your child has been arrested and charged with any type offense, you must take action now to resolve the situation and defend your child's future. The Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice reports that there were 535 commitments to juvenile detention centers in the Marietta region in 2011, down from 612 the year before and 653 the year before that. Juvenile crime charges result in the commitment of 22% of cases in our area, while many others result in the defendant being placed on probation, referred to a diversion program or the case being dismissed by the prosecutor.

Protecting Your Rights Against a Juvenile Offense

According to statistics provided by the DJJ, property crimes including theft and vandalism are the most common type of juvenile offense, accounting for 33% of all reported violations. Violent crimes including assault and battery are the next most prevalent (26%), followed by offenses against public order (14%), probation violations (13%) and violent sex crimes. Drug crimes such as possession and sales are also a common cause of commitment, accounting for 5% of cases.

Former Prosecutors Defending Your Child's Future

Contact a Marietta criminal defense lawyer at Henrickson & Sereebutra as early as possible after your child's arrest, for a confidential consultation to learn about the legal aspects of the situation and to allow them to begin working on the case. An attorney from the firm can represent your child throughout the process, including seeking an early release from custody at the probable cause hearing, which should be held no later than 48 hours after the arrest, through seeking to have the case dismissed at the adjudicatory hearing and possibly requesting probation or a diversion program at the dispositional hearing.

The goal at all times will be to get your child out of the criminal justice system and back into your own custody so that your family can deal with the situation in your own way and move into the future with a minimum of negative repercussions.

Please do not hesitate to contact our firm. A Marietta criminal attorney is ready to begin helping you right away.

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