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Have you been charged with a sex offense?

You should at all costs avoid discussing the case with anyone but a qualified Marietta criminal lawyer, as you are at risk of making self-incriminating statements. For example, many law enforcement agencies will use what is known as a "pre-text call," where the alleged victim calls the suspect requesting an apology-the call is recorded, and may be used in court as confession. No matter how hopeless the situation may appear, you are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, and a former prosecutor from the firm may be able to help you avoid a conviction.

If you are accused of rape or a similar offense and have no prior relationship to the victim, it may be possible to demonstrate that you have been mistakenly identified as the perpetrator. If you and the victim know one another, your Marietta criminal defense attorney may be able to argue that you have been falsely accused due to ulterior motives. If you are under investigation for child pornography federal charges, it might be possible to demonstrate that your Constitutional right against warrantless searches was violated. There are many strategies which could apply to your case to help you avoid criminal penalties for your sex crime.

Marietta Sex Offender Registration

One of the worst aspects of a conviction for a sexual offense is that you would most likely be required to register as a sex offender. There are currently 21,614 registered sex offenders throughout the state, 255 of whom live in Marietta. This punishment means that your photograph, home address, physical description and details about your conviction will be published in a searchable online database maintained by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, thereby exposing you to broad social censure.

Obtaining the Proper Defense

Being arrested and accused of a sexual offense can have a devastating effect on your life, potentially ruining your reputation even if you are not convicted. In the event of a guilty verdict, you can be subjected to harsh criminal punishments such as jail or prison, fines, probation and even mandatory lifetime registration as a sex offender.

The first action you should take after learning that you are under suspicion of a sex crime is to contact a Marietta criminal defense lawyer at Henrickson & Sereebutra, LLC for a FREE confidential consultation.

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