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When the offender enters into the dwelling of another individual or into a railroad car or aircraft, without the permission of the owner and with the intention to steal property or not pay an entrance fee, this is considered burglary. Burglary is typically charged as a felony and can be placed on the offender's criminal record who may be sentenced up to 20 years in prison.

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If you are facing consequences for burglary or attempted burglary, you can be in a very difficult circumstance. You will need someone on your side to help you through your case and protect your rights. At Henrickson & Sereebutra one of the Marietta criminal defense attorneys from the firm can fight to protect your rights throughout the entire case. We have over 40 years of legal experience defending our clients’ right to representation and a fair trial.

Penalties for Burglary in Georgia

Burglary is a complex and tricky situation. It is different than other theft crimes because it includes unlawful entry. When it comes to burglary, it will have to be proven that they illegally entered the building with intent to commit a crime.

No matter what type of property that was stolen in Marietta or surrounding areas of Georgia, serious penalties can result. Even an individual's first burglary crime can be heavily penalized. Whether you have been accused of burglarizing a home, garage, boat, trailer, aircraft, railroad car or warehouse, the theft crime can result in serious consequences.

The first offense of burglary can be punished by a minimum imprisonment of one year. For a second offense, the prison sentence is increased to a minimum to two years. A third offense will be penalized by no less than three years.

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Burglary is distinguished based on the intent of the individual who has occupied the structure. If there is proven intent to steal or commit a criminal act, it will be considered burglary. It does not have to be proven that the actual burglary took place. Intent can be a difficult piece of evidence to obtain for the prosecution, especially if the act had not taken place or failed to take place.

A Marietta criminal defense lawyer from the firm can be used to defeat the charges against you. If there was a legitimate reason for you, as the alleged offender, to have been found on the premises in the past, a defense can be made to prove that the fingerprints were lifted from a previous lawful visit.

With the legal assistance of Henrickson & Sereebutra you can obtain a strong defense that helps to eliminate charges against you. The attorneys can perform a thorough investigation and present evidence that there was no intent to perform the crime.

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