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Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore brings to our firm, Henrickson & Sereebutra, an enthusiastic dedication to excellence, organization, and success on behalf of our clients. As our trusted legal assistant, Kelly has previously worked as an Open Records Clerk for Cobb County School District, as well as a Quality Assurance Documentation Manager for Osmotica Pharmaceutical Corporation. Prior to that, she worked as a Regularity Records Information Management Specialist for Abbott Products, Inc. With over 8 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, on top of over 7 years of records management experience, Kelly is a strong addition to Henrickson & Sereebutra--helping us reach a seamless level of productivity and organization.

After earning an Associate of Business Administration from Strayer University, Kelly is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology undergraduate program at Ashford University, where she will graduate from in 2018. Thanks to her exceptional leadership skills, coupled with her insatiable drive, Kelly is an empathetic and determined professional, approaching each and every one of her endeavors with a true sense of integrity.

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