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What are the Penalties for Forgery in Georgia?


Forgery is a white collar crime in Georgia and it entails using a false name or changing a document to misrepresent the identity of the person responsible for the item such as a check. The penalty for forgery depends on the degree of the offense. Forgery crimes are split into two degrees of severity and each degree has different consequences. Depending on if the offense is charged as a misdemeanor or felony also affects the punishment for the crime. If you are facing forgery charges in any degree it is important to obtain the skilled legal guidance of a Marietta criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The breakdown of the degrees and their punishments looks as such:

  • Second Degree Forgery: generally charged as a felony
    • Jail sentence between one and five years
  • First Degree Forgery: charged as a felony
    • Jail sentence between one and ten years

Second Degree Forgery offenses would entail making or possessing writings with a false name or making it so the writing looks to have been done by another person or at a different time. An example would be possessing a forged paycheck and being caught by law enforcement before cashing it. To be charged as First Degree Forgery the writing has to be delivered or spoken which makes the false writing actually presented rather than just in writing. An example would be having a forged paycheck and trying to cash it at the bank with a teller.

Forgery is not tolerated in Georgia and the penalties result in at least one year in prison. If you are facing forgery charges it is vital to seek a hard hitting defense that is able to fight for your rights in court. The Marietta criminal lawyers at Henrickson & Sereebutra have over 40 years of combined experience defending clients in their criminal cases. Do not wait, call today to schedule your free case evaluation and find out how we may be able to help you!